Disney ‘Frozen’ – « Let it go » in 25 different languages!

Hear « Let It Go, » the Academy Award nominee for Best Original Song, in 25 different languages and see how fans in other countries have experienced Elsa unleashing her powers.

A BBC COMEDY VIDEO – Do you speak English?

Here is the video we watched in class + the worksheet I gave you! I hope you enjoyed the British sense of humour! 


UNIT 1 – Re-act – Sherlock Holmes

Here is the worksheet I gave you + the recording we listened to in class! Voici la fiche et l’enregistrement vus en classe


UNIT 1 – A poem: The colours of the vowels

Listen to the the poem, repeat each sentence paying attention to the pronunciation and intonation and learn it by heart! Ecoute le poème, répète chaque vers en faisant bien attention à la prononciation et à l’intonation et apprends le par coeur! 


Project 1 – Let’s celebrate languages! The European Day of Languages

Here are the 2 worksheets I gave you! You had to work in pairs and ask questions to your partner to get to know more about the European Day of Languages! 


And here is the ‘Hello, talk to me’ video to introduce the celebrations! 

PROJECT 1 – Let’s celebrate languages!

Here is our first project! You will have to colour your linguistic silhouette and explain your choices of colours and body parts! Be imaginative and feel free to pick out any colour and body part you want! Hope you enjoy this first exercise! 


La classe d’anglais approfondi (euro)

Voici un petit descriptif de ce que nous allons faire pendant ces deux heures hebdomadaires d’ anglais approfondi! Hope you like it! 


Classroom English!

Revise your classroom English with this worksheet! 


unit 0 – Happy to be back?

Here are the worksheets I gave you to start the new school year! Are you happy to be back to school or would you rather still be on holiday?


Unit 0 – Welcome back! Fiche d’objectifs

Here is the paper I gave you to introduce UNIT 0! 


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