4ème – L’expression du contraste

Here is the worksheet I gave you in class! 



4ème – Bruce Lansky’s poem

We listened to Bruce’s poem about New Year’s resolutions and did some activities on the following worksheet! 

You had to learn it by heart then! 

logo-pdf-60X60Lazare Chinese portraitLazare Chinese portrait

4ème – Lucy’s new year’s resolutions

Here is the transcript of the recording we listened to in class. 


6ème – School subjects and timetable! PLAY GAMES

Tu trouveras ci-dessous des liens pour jouer avec le vocabulaire des matières scolaires et l’emploi du temps! 

Une façon sympa de réviser ce que tu as appris en classe et de renforcer tes connaissances. 

6ème – Listening Comprehension – Nick / Tina and John

Here is a methodology worksheet on listening coprehension + the two recordings you listened to in the computer room! Lazare Chinese portraitLazare Chinese portrait



6ème – Language Lab: prononcer le « S » su pluriel et la lettre « u »

Here are the worksheets + the recordings to work on your pronunciation! 

logo-pdf-60X60Lazare Chinese portraitLazare Chinese portraitLazare Chinese portrait

6ème – Halewood Academy

We discovered a typical British school: Halewood Academy. 

We talked and wrote about their school subjects and timetable! 

Here are the worksheets and recordings we listened to in class. 

logo-pdf-60X60Lazare Chinese portraitLazare Chinese portraitLazare Chinese portraitLazare Chinese portraitLazare Chinese portrait


6ème – Video extracts from harry Potter

We watched five extracts from Harry Potter films and discovered 5 very special subjects taught at Hogwarts School. 

Which is your favourite? Which one don’t you like? 

Here is the worksheet I gave you in class. 


4ème LCE – A Christmas carol: the top ten best adaptations

Here are the Top 10 Best Adaptations of A Christmas Carol! For this list, we’re looking at the best TV and movies based on the famous 1843 novel by Charles Dickens. The overall quality of the adaptation will be given priority, and not whether it sticks close to the source material. We’ve included Doctor Who’s A Christmas Carol, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, Scrooged, and more!


4ème LCE – A Christmas Carol

Here are the documents I gave you about Disney’s adaptation into an animated movie of Charles Dickens’s short story ‘A Christmas Carol’. 

The movie poster:


The movie trailer: 

The worksheets (on the animated movie)


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